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I started this blog as part of a technology training I've taking through the Public Library System in my area. This is a work in progress while I learn about a variety of topics including: blogs, RSS Feeds, podcasting, social networking, language learning and more. As time pass by and I master all technological topics included in the training, I'll start adding posts with up-to-date information that I'm sure will be very helpful for you.

I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Language Expo

Communicating with people of different languages is a big challenge if you don't know theirs or viceversa. As a member of a hispanic group I understand what it means to learn and speak someone else language, how hard it is, but rewarding at the same time. At the end, you're the one that gets all the benefits and you become bilingual.

Well, when I started reading the lesson about Language Learning and discovered I needed to learn a language I decided to go for a third one and my pick was French. Why? Since I already speak and write English and Spanish I wanted to learn another one. Why not be trilingual! It has been really hard and I'm just starting the second lesson, but I hope I can get something good from it. I have learned so far how to start a conversation when you're meeting someone like: Good Day. How are you doing which in French is Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? and you respond I go well. Thank you and you? which in French is Je vais bien. Merci, Et vous.

One curious and important thing I have learned so far is, the French language makes distintion of gender when talking to someone by using a different word. For example, the word you in English is used when you're talking to someone who is a close friend or someone you're just meeting. In French, like in Spanish two different words are used. If you're talking to a close friend in French you say "tu" (curiously in Spanish we use the same word "tu"), but if you're talking to someone you should show respect or you're just meeting you need to use the word "vous" (in Spanish we use "usted").

Well, this is going to be all for now. I'll continue my journey and keep you posted on how my language lessons are going. Au revoir!

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